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« As a Certified Coach | Professional and personal transformation specialist | Certified Krav Maga instructor | Self-defense, with a career spanning over thirty years, I approach my job with a combination of empathy, energy and a sympathetic ear. My main motivation is to give my clients a new and positive perspective, and teach them how to draw on their own strengths to definitively improve their quality of life. »

You might say I am like a catalyst.

The word “catalyst” is subtle. It draws on several notions: activator, accelerator, even trigger. It's about viewing people or situations from a different angle to shed light on skills lying dormant, the goal being to achieve a truly positive result.

An uncommon set of skills

Thanks to my listening skills and an intuitive ability to be able to think outside the box, I can tailor the coaching I provide to a client's specific needs. By drawing on my own experiences and the methods I use, I am able to bring out the fighting spirit in my clients as well as a positive mental attitude to achieve solid, tangible results both as a coach and a self-defense instructor.

Solid experience

I have been fascinated by different fighting styles from all over the world ever since I was young, and have played a number of different sports at a high level. As such I am trained in numerous martial arts and athletic disciplines, including judo, full-contact sports, boxing, taekwondo, non-classical kung fu and combat shooting. I supplemented my sporting experience with a period of training at the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute in Los Angeles, but ultimately decided to focus my education on self-defense and its principles, undergoing Krav Maga training and becoming a certified instructor in 2010.

Strong values

A sympathetic approach
I have met all sorts of people and come across all sorts of complex, nerve-wracking, difficult, and even violent situations, and these life experiences have opened me up to others. I am a sympathetic person, I never judge and always listen, and the most important thing to me is that we work together on something positive.
Enthusiasm gives you the impetus to learn and the will to progress. Smiling conveys genuine empathy, and it helps everyone share and bond. In a world that may often seem so unkind and disheartening, my goal is to help my clients break away from it all in a positive way, and for our sessions to bring out their optimistic side. 
Action is liberating. By taking action, tension melts away, our minds are given the space they need to breathe and ideas are able to come together. It then becomes easier to talk, something which will then in turn become more natural. By sharing and talking about our inhibitions, we are able to confront and rid ourselves of them, which will in turn give way to a new force: self-confidence.
I work in accordance with an ethical code that formalizes relationships and identifies our mutual rights and duties. Together, we will identify your values and put them into action through behavior. We will decide what is no longer acceptable and work intensively to develop only what is positive. Self-respect is key.
The road to overcoming obstacles and to developing self-confidence may be a tough one, but the key is to make progress one step at a time, one action at a time. By applying a solid and supportive structure, asking difficult questions and setting challenges along the way, my aim is to trigger a positive domino effect and to help you progress. Work towards reaching your goals by giving it your all.

Individual coaching

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Corporate coaching

Our goal is to maximize your productivity levels while developing your skills by drawing on all your resources.

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Krav maga

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