Acceptance of risks
Any student taking a Krav Maga, self-defense or personal development class accepts that the techniques used for this discipline involve the risk of either direct or indirect harm, and they accept and take full responsibility for all these risks, as well as any potential consequences.
As such, Thierry Colomb shall not be held liable for any risks (even for harm caused by negligence) borne by the students, including those that are the result of a student's inability to apply the techniques practiced in the aforementioned disciplines.

Disputes and place of jurisdiction
The Courts of Geneva are the only bodies responsible for processing any complaint, claim or dispute arising from the classes and training programmes for Krav Maga, self-defense and personal development provided by Thierry COLOMB, the website www.thierrycolomb.com, as well as from using the techniques taught.


Reminder of the articles of the Swiss Penal Code that relate to lawful defense

Article 15 of the Swiss Penal Code (RS 311.0)
If any person is unlawfully attacked or threatened with imminent attack, the person attacked and any other person are entitled to ward off the attack by means that are reasonable in the circumstances.

Article 16 of the Swiss Penal Code (RS 311.10)
If a person in defending himself exceeds the limits of self-defense as defined in Article 15 and in doing so commits an offence, the court shall reduce the sentence. If a person defending himself exceeds the limits of self-defense as a result of excusable excitement or panic in reaction to the attack, he does not commit an offence.

Article 17 of the Swiss Penal Code (RS 311.0)
Any person who carries out an act that carries a criminal penalty in order to save a legal interest of his own or of another from immediate and not otherwise avertable danger, acts lawfully if by doing so he safeguards interests of higher value.