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Effective self-defense.
Strength in body and mind.

Safety is something that concerns us all. We are going to develop your ability to identify, avoid or manage all types of situations that involve aggression, whatever they might be. In order to be able to respond to an attack, you are going to learn how to use effective techniques in a stress scenario, and these will increase your body's natural reflexes to give you solid defense skills. We will also work on your self-confidence as an effective way of bolstering your psychological strength.


Personalized and confidential support

  • Recognize and make positive changes to any negative behavior pattern
  • Tackle each day in a positive and creative way to improve your life
  • Speak freely and take action
  • Avoid aggression and unnecessary confrontation
  • Rid yourself of your fears and anxieties and find balance within yourself


Krav Maga, an accessible and effective self-defense method

  • Learn to identify, avoid or manage dangerous situations
  • Activate your reflexes and apply specific techniques to deal with an attack
  • Fine-tune how you act by bolstering your technical, physical and psychological abilities
  • Gain self-confidence and self-control

A step-by-step approach



We will start with personalized exercises to ensure our work together benefits you as much as possible.

  • Acknowledging your situation
  • Identifying behavior patterns that need to change
  • Embracing your strengths
  • Defining the goals to be reached


We will create a plan of action together. My job is to strengthen your body and mind. Your responsibility is to commit to this program with conviction and determination.

  • Identifying the major learning curves
  • Choosing positive, everyday actions
  • Joint commitment


The work we do together will translate into action, and hinges on you learning Krav Maga. Through action, you will find you are able to express yourself more fully, and we will regularly address and allay any potential fears or mental blocks that you may have. 

  • Learning specific techniques to deal with an attack
  • Acquiring skills that will allow you to confront and free yourself from inner turmoil
  • Coaching to increase your self-confidence

Strengthen and progress

Once you feel you are sufficiently prepared to confidently deal with any situation involving mental or physical aggression, you will be ready to take on life again with a new, positive perspective.

  • Harnessing your potential
  • Self-confidence to help you face new challenges
  • Strengthening your mind and body

Krav Maga: The self-defense method that’s within everyone's reach, taught by a professional

Your tailored program: an action plan that’s built around your own specific objectives

Men, women, teenagers and children:
everyone can benefit and everyone is welcome

One-to-one sessions:
the180° in 90 days method

You will gain a new perspective over the course of  12 one-to-one sessions in a safe environment filled with positive energy.

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Group sessions:
a truly positive experience

Come to sessions with friends, as a family or as a group and learn in a positive environment! Learn to defend yourselves in various situations, relieve stress and gain self-confidence.

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