Thierry Colomb | Mental coach and self-defense A holistic approach

What are we going to achieve together? Be it in a professional or personal capacity, we are going to strengthen your mind and body using self-defense techniques. The sessions will also allow you to express yourself, and take action based on the decisions you make. We will be working in a positive atmosphere, and using both a mental and physical approach.

Our aim is to improve your wellbeing, change your way of thinking and stimulate your reflexes in a positive way so you can face up to any challenge, both confidently and independently.

About Thierry Colomb

Authenticity is the keystone of healthy human relationships. Being your genuine self will help you to reconcile any internal struggles and find balance.

Corporate coaching

Our goal is to maximize your productivity levels while developing your skills by drawing on all your resources.

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Individual coaching

Are you ready to make changes in your life in a fast and positive way? Check out the 180° in 90 days package and we'll come up with a program that’s tailored to you.

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Krav maga

Experience for yourselves this modern self-defense method, renowned for its effectiveness.

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